Borg Warner (Delco Remy)

BorgWarner Inc. is an American worldwide automotive industry components and parts supplier. It is primarily known for its powertrain products, which include manual and automatic transmissions and transmission components, such as electro-hydraulic control components, transmission control units, friction materials, and one-way clutches, turbochargers, engine valve timing system components, along with four-wheel drive system components.

BorgWarner has acquired Remy International, Inc. (Remy) in November ‘2015. A leading manufacturer of rotating electrical components such as alternators, starter motors and electric traction motors for the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, Remy operates in ten countries on five continents. With this acquisition, the complementary combination of technologies and global operations will strengthen BorgWarner’s product leadership position.

Borg Warner Inc. has appointed Bharat Power Corporation Pvt. Ltd., as their Master Warehouse Distributor for marketing & distribution of their Delco Remy® heavy duty rotating electrical products & BorgWarner® thermal products to various Institutional as well as OEM customers for the Indian Market.

Delco Remy

Heavy Duty Starters


Industry Leading Reliability and Durability in All Applications

Designed to start heavy duty and off-road vehicles in all conditions and environments, Delco Remy starters are engineered to perfection. Available proprietary features also protect the starter from system problems including over cranking, low battery capacity, voltage spikes, high-starting circuit resistance, or operator misuse.

OEM’s count on Delco Remy to deliver premium quality and innovative solutions for the latest vehicle designs. In the aftermarket, dealers, warehouse distributors and fleets around the world trust our starters to deliver superior cranking power and durability.

  • Complete coverage: A full portfolio for all truck classes, buses, off-highway vehicles and locomotives.

  • Reliable: Units available with Integrated Over Crank Protection (IOCP), a built-in circuit breaker that protects the starter from thermal damage. 

  • Electrical soft-start: Consistently and accurately engages the pinion with the ring gear providing increased reliability.

  • Durable: Units available with patented Internal Magnetic Switch Solenoid (IMSS) that reduces corrosion and vibration issues while extending life.

Delco Remy

Heavy Duty Alternators


Superior Performance for OE and Aftermarket Applications

Delco Remy alternators mean premium quality, increased efficiency, and measurable fuel savings for the commercial and off-road vehicle industry worldwide.  From brushless designs with fewer moving parts to remote sense to improve battery charge time, Delco Remy technology is second to none. We continue to leverage our experience to provide our OE and aftermarket partners with innovative solutions for today’s vehicle electric system challenges.
  • Complete portfolio: From 70 to 450 Amp (12 and 24V).
  • Efficient: Units are lighter weight and feature our proprietary stator design that uses less engine horsepower and translates to substantial fuel savings.
  • Durable: Units are available with brushless design – fewer moving parts means less wear and longer life.
  • Outstanding performance: Units are available with Remote Sense technology – which can reduce battery charge time by 50%.
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